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About Us

Coeus Financial is an independent financial service organization you can talk to and know you’ve been heard. We begin by determining our potential clients’ financial and personal goals. Although this process may be time consuming, it is critical to the success of financial goals. We will create a plan that will help our clients achieve their goals. Money management is challenging even for successful people. Effective money management involves two important components: managing your investments and preserving your wealth. At Coeus Financial we help create financial solutions, and strive to provide an extraordinary amount of personal service no matter what your profile as an investor may be.

Our specialty is to help clients individually understand their investment needs and objectives. We help you chart your financial course individually and are able to respond to your questions and needs. Entering the uncharted financial world of the 21st century will be exciting and a great challenge. We are prepared to enter the 21st century and help you prosper.

We will help you continue to meet your investment needs and objectives. At Coeus Financial

"Progress Through Process"

 Our office is based in the Community Towers building located in Silicon Valley's City Center in downtown San Jose. This historic region of Northern California is home to many of the world's top technology and financial companies such as Adobe Systems, Acer, UBS Financial Service's and Ernst & Young.